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Put the hex on Mac OS X’s Color Picker

Put the hex on Mac OS X’s Color Picker.

This is a lifesaver for creating your own marcom content.  Creating a color palette for use on your Mac can be a real headache because Mac OS X provides no Hex code management of color.  So once you’ve painstakingly created your beautiful web and print compatible company color palette, you have to convert all those nice hex colors into RGB color codes to build them into your Mac palette.

Following Jeff Porter’s simple instructions will put Hex codes into the Mac color picker – ba-da-bing!

Here’s the Mac-standard color picker, and color picker following Jeff’s instructions to install the free  RCWebColorPicker:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.04.24 PM

OEM OS X Color Picker

Color Picker Hex-Enabled

Color Picker Hex-Enabled

Getting LinkedIn and Facebook share buttons to align…

Out of the box, the LinkedIn and Facebook share buttons simply don’t align.  They look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.03.42 PMI solved this for using tips from and some refinements.

I started by trying to use margins or padding in CSS to adjust the position of the social buttons, but that didn’t work. Each button has slightly different margins and padding, which meant my adjustments never worked right and didn’t look the same across browsers.

What’s needed is to be able to accommodate the variation between buttons and to get them to  Continue reading

Choosing a blog technology

Goal:  A blog on my domain with my own website’s chrome.  Blogging technology (database, editing tools) and a presentation layer that will look just like by website.  Like an iFrame within


Blogging has become one easy thing to do.  The number of services that will take your text, and for free post it to their own URL are too many to track.

But what about adding blog functionality to your business website? makes that possible; HOWEVER, it comes at the price of administrative overhead.  And the site admin has to integrate social connectors, metrics, tracking, etc. etc. manually.  That’s a lot of overhead.

Which leads one to the path of hosted blog services which range from $12.50 – $20/mo.  Not too bad considering charges similar prices for their mid-tier service (dubbed Premium) at $99 plus $13 if you bring your own domain.

The hitch to  No HTML.  Blogs MUST use one of’s preordained templates.  For that $99, one can modify the CSS – colors and shapes.

So the adventure begins as we search for a template (called Themes) that can be modified with CSS and integrated into