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Silicon Valley’s “New Morality”: Venture-Backed Homework Farm?

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Last month, @CBS Bay Area wrote about Silicon Valley’s Jonathan Hart (@jonathanhartsf), lead mobile engineer for Idle Games, who hacked into the Burning Man servers to snag tickets ahead of the 80,000 people waiting in line – then tweeted about it leading to some 200 more of similar morality doing the same.

Navigated @Ticketfly’s completely hosed web servers and crawled out with 2 @burningman tickets… woohooo!

— Jonathan Hart (@jonathanhartsf) February 18, 2015

Francisco Dao, a Los Angles-based Venture Beat columnist and Founder of SEAL CAMP and 50Kings, posted about the hacking of Ticketfly on Facebook. When I commented,

[the hackers] are the equivalent of looters walking through a broken window in Ticketfly’s business. – me

Francisco pointed to the “new morality” pervasive in Silicon Valley.

In the “new morality” it’s not cheating or cutting in line. It’s “hacking Burning Man!” – Francisco Dao

Is there a “New Morality”
in Silicon Valley?

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