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Welcome Jim Ko to EasyNDA Advisory Board

One of our favorite things at EasyNDA is hearing from people who have lived and breathed the non-disclosure agreement “problem.”

Jim Ko profile picture

Jim Ko is just such a person and Jim has joined EasyNDA’s advisory board. 

Jim was Senior Director for Legal at Ubee Interactive after learning the ropes as an associate with Howrey LLP.

As Jim Puts it:

“I’ve negotiated 100s of NDAs in my career, reviewing countless standard NDAs of other companies and often revising my own company’s standard NDA in a constant effort to streamline the process. I wish I had this EasyNDA Standard MNDA from the start. It’s far more simple, reasonable, and effective than any I have come across.”

 Jim has already been a big help streamlining our standard non-disclosure agreement (revision published on January 9, 2014: What’s New in EasyNDA’s Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Welcome Jim!

What’s New in EasyNDA’s Non-Disclosure Agreement

Today we published a release that improves the terms of our mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA).  As a service to our subscribers, we frequently review our standard NDA to ensure we provide a document that should meet the needs of equitable confidentiality agreements.  As always, have your attorney review EasyNDA’s MNDA to ensure it’s suitable to your needs.

These are the revisions made to our MDNA in this release:

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