“Do Business, Not Paperwork” – Don’t Pay to Process Non-Disclosure Agreements

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


F. Tim Knight writes an illuminating post, “It’s the 6 D’s Not the ’60’s: Machine Processing and the legal Profession“, about machine processing of legal assistance.

His premise is based on the work of Ryan McClead who contends in his article, “The Exponential Law Firm“, that Ryan’s answer to the question, “What do lawyers sell?” has shifted from selling “access to the collective knowledge and expertise of the firm” to simply legal processing.”

Non disclosure agreements (NDAs) more often than not fall into the category of simple “legal processing.”  Most firms assign paralegals and junior attorneys to deal with NDAs.  And why not?  NDAs are fundamentally simple agreements.  Most outside counsels will give their clients a “standard” mutual non-disclosure agreement and tell them to have at it.  The attorneys don’t want to see the docs – there’s not enough value derived from the attorneys’ review for their clients’ dollars.

And non-disclosure agreements are a just a tiny step in the business process.  Necessary?  Yes. Worth stopping the business process to await processing NDA paperwork?  Not often.  And unless you’re negotiating a complex non-disclosure agreement with unusual terms, don’t pay for mere “legal processing” by expensive and time consuming humans.  Let a machine handle the process.

Do business, not paperwork.  EasyNDA is one service that lubricates the business process of non-disclosure agreements without the costs of legal processing.  For standard non-disclosure agreements, creating, signing, and sending NDAs from any device at any time will keep your business moving. Make sure you’re focused on businesses processes not legal processes.


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