Non Disclosure Agreements chewing up your time?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


We’ve all been there.  You need to move fast … except you’re stuck behind the non disclosure agreement.

You’ve just gotten to the juicy part of the meeting – maybe about to exchange pricing or release dates – when the other side of the table says, “Do we have an NDA?”

Freeze frame!  This is a business inflection point.  Either you know you don’t have an NDA in place already and have two copies of a printed NDA you can both fill out on the spot… or you don’t .  In today’s paperless world, not many people carry around NDAs ready to sign…  and who in your company knows all the companies with whom you already have NDAs?

So, you’re stuck.  Business comes to a standstill while your each go off to figure out if you have an NDA in place, and if not, you have to cycle through whatever process your company uses to get a non disclosure agreement done.  Meanwhile your business suffers.

That’s why we created EasyNDA.
NDAs do not have to be complicated or take long to get in place.

With EasyNDA, you simply use any connected device: computer, tablet, or phone to create, sign, and send an NDA to the person across the table from you.  It takes less than a minute. EasyNDA stores all your company information – you just Click, Sign, and Send.

Work fast. Work smart.
Do business, not paperwork.

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